Very High Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Very High voice for your voice over project.

Whenever a producer wants to captivate the audience, they might bring in a very high voice in their production. Whether it is a song chorus, a carton production, movie line or commercial, a high voice can make the listener look up immediately. It is notable for its distinctness. With a very high voice voice over, you quickly get the attention of the listener, which is perfect for sending your message across.

Info for Very High voice voice overs

Today, there’s a diverse application of very high voices such as Coloratura soprano, Mezzo-soprano, dramatic soprano, falsetto and tenor. Your very high voice voice over can be dramatic, catchy, appealing and memorable compared to otherwise low voice projects.

When are Very High voices right?

The audience that would love very high voice over is varied. It includes classic and pop music lovers, movie lovers, TV audiences, radio audiences, opera lovers and theatre lovers. This is the perfect voice to make people notice your voice over project.

What makes the perfect Very High voice over?

A very high voice perfectly works when performed in the right situations. Sopranos and tenors, for instance, excel in the music industry because of the remarkable quality of their voices. These performers can reach extraordinary vocal ranges. Such range adds a touch of uniqueness to their performances.

What are other Very High voice subtypes?

Subtypes of very high voices range from categories of a soprano for females and sub-types of tenors.

Which are the most famous Very High voices?

Famous personalities with very high voices include Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson. Others are Freddie Mercury, Adam Lopez, Adam Mitchel Lambert and Prince.