Very Low Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Very Low voice for your voice over project.

You have heard it and most likely loved it. A very low voice is heavy, deep and dark, making you sit up and listen. For this reason, your very low voice voice over will easily become a hit. From bass, baritone to the contralto or alto, very low voices have a dreamy feel that makes them apt for multiple applications.

Info for Very Low voice voice overs

A very low voice is unique and beautiful. These qualities make it ideal for your voice over project. The more moderate and dark male voices appeal more to the bass. This voice sometimes resembles the lower notes of a cello and is mostly found in older men. Baritones are also low voices and can reach darker notes where higher voices can’t. Forfemales, the contralto voice is a gem due to its very low musical tessitura. Mezzosoprano also fall in the low voice categories and works best for a very low voice voice-over where you want a serious tone.

When are Very Low voices right?

Low voices have a universal appeal, especially in music. They also work well in commercials where you want a somber mood. A very low voice-over works perfectly to attract a specific segment of the audiences, especially the older listeners.

What makes the perfect Very Low voice over?

Bass is the lowest male voice and falls between E2 and E4. Baritones on the other lie between the bass and tenor range and overlaps both of them. Baritones range goes from A2 to A4. Contralto, the lowest female voice has a variety of F3 and F5.

What are other Very Low voice subtypes?

From Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, Barry White, George Ezra, Louis Armstrong, Josh Turner, Elvis Presley to Tom Waits, very low voices are not only authoritative but hard to forget.