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Our voice-over purpose page is here to help you find a pitch-perfect voice for your project. Whether you’ve got a podcast that needs a striking intro voice, an audiobook that requires a professional actor with dramatic flair, or an ad that’s waiting for a funny voice to make it pop, we’ve got all of your bases covered.

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There are many voice-over purpose categories to choose from. We’ve made it easy for you so you can browse our awesome selection of over 28,000 globally-distributed vocal pros. You’ll find that there’s a wide range of voices to choose from in any demographic, gender, language, and purpose. If you’ve got the script, we’ve got the perfect voice to match it — guaranteed.

Our voice pros can cover any imaginable type of project you can throw at them. We’ve got pros that specialize in doing video game voices, for instance; whether it’s fantasy, adventure, mystery, suspense, etc., they’ve done it all and are always ready to deliver a perfect reading of your script in record time. Or maybe you’ve got a live announcement or IVR you want to be done just right. Just hop on over to that category and you’ll have a hard time picking out the voice you want from our choice of excellent performers.

Audiobooks and podcasts are two of our most popular categories as well, with many professionals who are ready to give it their all. Maybe you have a true-crime podcast that needs a recreation of a dramatic scene and you’re looking for a small cast to bring it to life; perhaps you’ve got a novel in the works that you’re bringing to Audible, but still haven’t found that one narrator who can bring your prose to life while doing believable character voices the audience can empathize with. If you can’t find it here, you won’t find it anywhere.

Of course, that’s not all. On our voice-over purpose pages, you’ll also find stellar performers for commercials, radio, e-learning presentations, and anything else you can think of. We’ve simplified our user experience so you can just browse every category and listen to each performer’s portfolio at your leisure. We value your time, so we’ve made things as easy as possible for you. Just enter the length of your script, click on the category you need, and you’re ready to rock!