Audiobooks / Podcasts voice overs

Find the perfect voice for your Audiobooks / Podcasts voice over project.

The voice overs for Audiobooks/Podcasts are the winning ticket to get your audience to love you. A great audiobook or podcast voice will woo the listener and make them want more. Two important keys are finding a voice to match the tone and style of the work and one that will connect with your listener. With those two things, your listeners will keep coming back for more.

Audiobooks / Podcasts voice overs info

A strong voice over for an audiobook or a podcast can transport the listeners. Whether the voice over takes them to a far off land full of fantasy or shares pertinent social information on a podcast, the voice is the guide of the audiobook or podcast. Depending on the content, the voice can be strong and assertive, friendly and conversational, funny or focused. And these are just the tones. Then you can get to all the different types of voices, like young or old, male of female, the list can go on. The importance is matching that voice to your project to get the ultimate result - an audience that loves your work and connects with it.

Who wants to listen to voice overs for Audiobooks / Podcasts?

Podcasts are one of the hottest mediums right now. People love them. With the variety of podcasts, plus the ease of listening, the podcast audience spans age, gender, and demographics. As far as audiobooks go, these also have a far reaching audience, from young children learning to read, to busy adults running errands or doing chores, to anyone who enjoys a great story and prefers listening to it.

What is the right voice for a Audiobooks / Podcasts voice over?

Depending on the audiobook or podcast, the voice characteristics will shift. For instance, for a voice in a YA romance, you'll want your characters to have young and youthful voices, perhaps a certain dialect or accent depending on the setting. For a podcast, a voice with charcteristics connected to the podcast works best, like an open, friendly voice for conducting interviews, or a clear, slow voice for relaying spooky encounters.

What makes a perfect Audiobooks / Podcasts voice over?

Voice over characterisitcs should consist of clarity and easy to understand voices. Unless, of course, that's not your character. Other than that, so many options exist and the key is matching the voice to your character or subject. Your goal is to connect with your audience, and the voice over characteristics are how to do that.

Audiobooks / Podcasts voice overs summary

The right voice over artist can make all of the difference in the world for an audiobook or podcast. Imagine hearing a dramatic novel voiced by the Geico duck. You will maybe make it two sentences before going crazy and giving up. Now imagine hearing the same story narrated by the soothing voice of James Earl Jones. The voice behind an audiobook or podcast can truly make or break the listener’s experience. Each and every story deserves the right voice. The same goes with podcasts. A podcast can be about any topic under the sun and matching the right voice to the topic is incredibly important so the listener can feel a connection. A teenage boy voicing a podcast about retirement plans isn’t natural. The same goes for a middle aged woman voicing a podcast about skateboarding. You need to find the right voice over artist for you audiobook or podcast. Otherwise, you will risk losing the attention of the listener. If you are looking for the perfect voice over artist for your audiobook or podcast, look no further than BunnyStudio. Here you will find high-quality, reliable voice over artists from all over the world in more than 50 different languages!