Movie trailers voice overs

Find the perfect voice for your Movie trailers voice over project.

The lights dim, and that instantly recognizable voice comes on. Whether it's this summer or this winter, they're hyping us up for awesome movies yet to come. Voice overs for movie trailers are an art, and if you've got a film in the works, you want them done right!

Movie trailers voice overs info

Movie trailers try to maximize their impact in a very short timeframe. Between one to two minutes, they have to pitch an idea, give a general gist of what a film is going to be about, and try to gain the audience's undivided attention. By the end of a good movie trailer, they're all in. There's nothing quite so exhilarating as a movie trailer done right. If your trailer edit manages the right mix of giving just enough information to entice viewers, but leave out enough to create suspense and the desire for more, you've got yourself a success. Voice overs for movie trailers are an integral part in creating this immersive, persuasive experience.

Who wants to listen to voice overs for Movie trailers?

Anyone who loves going to the movies, or anyone with an internet connection can be interested in the latest and greatest movie trailer. Your movie doesn't even need to be in theaters for there to be an amazing trailer that really captures its unique look and feel Independtent and arthouse filmmakers can leverage the power of streaming platforms to win hearts and minds with their movie trailers. Whatever your film, there's sure to be an audience for it out there, especially if the trailer creates a buzz.

What is the right voice for a Movie trailers voice over?

You've heard the famous 'This Summer...' hype line a million times, but there's a reason it's permanently engraved in your mind. Whether it's a gravelly-voiced presenter, or a more original take on the movie trailer voice, you want somebody who can make the most of the few lines they're given.

What makes a perfect Movie trailers voice over?

Voice overs for movie trailers are all about making an impact. With just a few words, they have to clearly state the what, where, and when of your movie. When done right, it heightens the impact of a well-cut, well-edited trailer and turns viewers into instant fans.

Which are the most famous Movie trailers voice overs?

Don Lafontaine was the maxiumum exponent of voice overs for movie trailers. Over his long tenure as the one-and-only 'trailer voice' he lent his voice to over 5,000 trailers.

Movie trailers voice overs summary

It’s a dramatic announcement: ‘Coming soon: One man. One hope.’ How do movie trailer voice overs get to sound so exciting? How do they get us perching on the edge of our seats waiting for whatever’s going to come next? It’s all in the voice.
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