Phone systems voice overs

Find the perfect voice for your Phone systems voice over project.

When potential clients are really interested in a business or a product, or have an immediate question, they will probably try to make a contact over the phone. For that purpose, voice overs for phone systems are practically essential for any bussines, servicen even freelancers.

Phone systems voice overs info

Any business or service will receive numerous phone calls every day, and there is so many calls that can be answered immediately, all others have to be put on hold. Time is precious to everybody, and waiting on the line can be a frustrating experience. Having professional, informative and/or entertaining voice overs for phone systems turns out to be one of the essential things for any business or service, big or small.

Who wants to listen to voice overs for Phone systems?

The audinece for well done phone system voice overs can be anybody who has the interest or need to reach a business, service or a very busy individual/freelancer. In most cases, these voice overs put the calle 'on hold,' give the choice instructions or give them essential information about the business, service or a certain product.

What is the right voice for a Phone systems voice over?

The voicers for telephone voice overs have to be pleasant to listen to, but first and foremost clear and understandable to all callers. The pronuciation has to bi pich perfect, and the delivery has to be at the tempo that is at the same time enables the caller to understand the instruction or the message but also efficient - everybody's time is precious.

What makes a perfect Phone systems voice over?

Phone system voice overs have to come over to callers that they did not waste their time by making the call, ven if they have to wait on the line. The callers have to get the impression that they are in the hands of efficient professionals that will give them the best possible deal for their time and money spent and/or that they will offer them exactly the service they are calling for. At the same time, the phone system voice over has to be informative, presenting the caller with all the information they might need, as well as potential leads what else a certain business or service offers.

Which are the most famous Phone systems voice overs?

Jane Barbe, to many in the US known as the 'Time Lady' was a voice actor and singer that made recordings for the Bell System and other phone companies. The ubiquity of her recordings eventually made her a pop-culture figure.

Phone systems voice overs summary

Your client encounters your phone system and IVR voice-overs before he or she ever speaks to one of your employees. How can you be sure that you’ve got the professional phone system and IVR voice over that reflects your company’s image?
Using professional phone system and IVR voice talent will create a much better impression than amateurish recordings ever will. Phone system and IVR voice actors know how to create a first impression of efficiency and cool professionalism that suits your business image. All our voice overs for phone systems and IVRs are recorded by actors who speak in the right tone of voice and in the language and accent that best suits your clients. What’s more, they speak their languages clearly and crisply – we don’t have any ‘mutterers’ on our team. Your client’s won’t have to keep on selecting the ‘listen again’ option.
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