Product videos voice overs

Find the perfect voice for your Product videos voice over project.

You've worked hard on your product, and want to showcase it to the world. Voice overs for product videos allow you to put your best foot forward by humanizing your brand, and showing your clients what you're all about!

Product videos voice overs info

There are many ways to get from A to B. Your product is a part of your brand's story, and you determine the type of voice that best represents your core value propositions and your ethos.Your script is going to be the main guide for your project's direction. Voice overs for product videos allow you to bring your ideas to life by finding that one performance that's just right. The idea is not to compromise, but to have a clear idea going forward. Whether you have a humorous, off-the-wall script, or a narration that's all business and no party, there's a voice out there that's waiting to be discovered.

Who wants to listen to voice overs for Product videos?

Anyone and everyone you can think of is susceptible to the persuasive effects of voice overs for product videos.

What is the right voice for a Product videos voice over?

From the simple narration in explainer videos, to the more developed characters of full-on commercials, the 'right' voice over is what you make of it. Creative, 'out there' ideas are flourishing more than ever, and you your voice overs for product videos can be as quirky, or as classical as you need them to be. It shouldn't matter whether your product is an app, a new feature, or a physical, tangible thing. A great voice over will make it pop in a way that will have your potential customers asking for more.

What makes a perfect Product videos voice over?

There are many effective voice overs for product videos out there. Western Union did an excellent explainer video for new mobile pament options — if you can make that exciting, then you can do anything. Shopify is another excellent example of how to let your customers what you're all about in a simple, no-frills manner. LinkedIn also achieved great results with the 'Linkedin Learning' campagin. And who could forget Google's 'Google Evolved' video?

Which are the most famous Product videos voice overs?

You may think that you need to have super-famous celebs doing your voice overs for product videos, but this is not always. While having Brad Pitt hawking your products is going to turn heads, fame does not equal effectiveness. Of course, everyone from Robert Downey Jr and Mick Jagger, to Sandra Bullock and Tina Turner have offered their voice to big-name brands.

Product videos voice overs summary

You’ve made a brilliant video the visuals are stunning and you want to make the right impression with it. For that, you’re going to need a professional voice actor with perfect diction and a beautiful speaking voice.
You will want to make your video appealing to a wider audience by recording voice overs in a number of languages – when in Rome, one speaks Italian. From Argentina to the Antilles and from Sweden to Slovakia, people respond best to local voices that speak their language.
Voice overs for videos are one of our specialities. Choose from a vast pool of voice talent. Decide what languages you’d like them to speak and whether regional accents are required. Then leave it up to us.
Our voice overs for videos are produced faultlessly, they’ll enhance your video, creating the impression you were aiming for. Our delivery times are the fastest in the industry -- so fast that you can get a professional voice over in just a few hours.