Radio/TV tags voice overs

Find the perfect voice for your Radio/TV tags voice over project.

You've just finished listening to an awesome song, or maybe you just watched a memorable TV show. Then, that distinct voice comes in reminding you of what station or channel you're tuned in to. Voice overs Radio/TV tags are exactly what you need to stick in your audience's mind.

Radio/TV tags voice overs info

The power of radio/TV tags is not just creating a reminder of what you're watching or listening to, of course. Their value hinges upon creating a relationship with the viewer/listener. When you create a tag (also known as 'sweeper'), it also plays its part in establishing a sonic identity for the station or channel. It becomes as synonymous with it as a signature. In the end, even if someone's head the tag a million times, they come to identify it as an endearing part of the whole experience, and not just as a repetious soundbite. If you do it right, it becomes as integral a part of your programming as TV shows or hit pop songs.

Who wants to listen to voice overs for Radio/TV tags?

Everyone and anyone who tunes in is your audience. Regardless of age, gender, or income, everyone listens to radio (whether it's digital or FM/AM) and watches some form of TV. That means that your voice overs for radio/TV tags will reach a very broad, diverse audience.

What is the right voice for a Radio/TV tags voice over?

Think about your favorite TV channel or radio station. You've probably got their tag right there in your mind without taking much effort to conjure it up. Usually, for instance, radio tags are voiced by deep-voiced males, which coupled with a few resonance effects and clever audio edits make for an immediate, memorable effect. But times have changed, and there's more creativity out there. Radio and TV tags are no exception. All ages and genders have made an impact in this market.

What makes a perfect Radio/TV tags voice over?

These tags are usually very quick and to the point, so a 'less is more' approach is usually wise. Voice overs for radio/TV tags need to make an impact, and fade out. A striking, deliberate voice with proper enunciation is a must.

Which are the most famous Radio/TV tags voice overs?

It doesn't get any more memorable than Alice Cooper doing sweepers for rock n' roll station 'The Buzz.'

Radio/TV tags voice overs summary

Radio voice overs require perfect diction, a pleasant tone of voice and perfect microphone skills. If you’ve ever tried recording your own voice, you will have noticed how odd a recorded voice can sound. That’s why you need radio voice actors who understand radio as a vehicle for transmitting information and providing entertainment.
You probably don’t want anything as over-the-top as Adrian Cronaur of ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ fame, but even if you do, we’ve got the radio voice talent that will fit the bill. Radio is a powerful tool, but the voice that delivers the information is almost more important than the information itself. Voices are all you have on radio, so your choice of voice actor becomes more important than ever before.
We have thousands of voice actors who specialize in radio voice overs. You can easily get your radio voice over perfectly recorded in the language of your choice with the help of BunnyStudio.