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Do you have a project that calls for just the right emotional approach and inflection? Our voice-over style categories are here to give you a quick-and-easy entry into an enormous variety of inflections, emotions, and personalities that can match every possible script or project.

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When you write a script, you usually have the right voice in your head to match the intended tone and intention of the character. Of course, finding an actual voice that sounds like that is usually not so easy. At Bunny Studio, we’ve endeavored to make the selection process simple, efficient, and 100% painless — you just hop on the voice-over style of your choice and get wowed by our performers.

If the vocal style and performance you’re looking for is not here, it’s not anywhere. Rest assured that our voice pros are ready to give it their all and perform your script to your exact specifications every time. Our system is really straightforward so you can match the intention of your script to the right vocal style. There are plenty of emotions, inflections, and tones to choose from!

For example, say you’ve got a script that calls for a real down-home, blue-collar, Bruce Springsteen type of performance. You just head on down to the “Blue Collar” category and browse all of the different vocal takes from our A-list performers. Or say you’ve got a podcast about spooky subject matter and you need a performance who can bring a believable “out-of-their-wits” feel to really frighten your audience. Then, you choose the “Terrified” category and get your fright on with the pitch-perfect reads from our pros — just remember to turn your speakers down!

Got a motivational video you need to put out, but haven’t found the right fit? Then hop over to the “Motivational” category to find uplifting, lighthearted voices that’ll have both you and your audience feeling right as rain in no time. Or maybe you’ve got a script for a new superhero in the works, and you need to convey the character’s brooding, dark state of mind. How about an “Edgy” voice-over to really enhance the Batman-like vibe?

No two voice-overs are the same, and no two scripts call for exactly the same approach. Our voice-over style categories can help make your life easier by guiding you towards a wide variety of vocal approaches. Just go to each category, read the description, and find the performance that feels like the exact fit for your project. Then, after you’ve chosen a pro, let them work their magic in record time, and that’s it!