Abrupt Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Abrupt voice for your voice over project.

An abrupt voice is sudden or unexpected. Abrupt voices usually stop people in their tracks because they do not see it coming. To successfully execute an abrupt delivery, you need to go with a voice actor whose voice is abrasive. A voice that’s rough on the edges will get people’s attention.

An abrupt voice works best in a series project because the tone has already been set. Bringing in a voice that doesn’t align with the theme will surely catch the audience by surprise because they aren’t used to it.

Info for Abrupt voice Voice-overs

Most people associate something that is abrupt with actions. However, even voices can be abrupt. Imagine someone sneaking up to you and speaking like you were expecting them to be there. That will jolt you because you did not see it coming; pun intended. An abrupt voice could be the hook your project needs to get the attention of your audience.

When can you use an Abrupt voice Voice-over?

The ideal audience for an abrupt voice is one that will be taken aback. An abrupt voice can only play its role if the audience is surprised. This means you’re targeting an audience that already exists. An audience whose attention you have or used to have.

What makes the perfect Abrupt voice?

An abrupt voice should be unexpected, unforeseen, and surprising. This means that the script should not align with the theme of your project. Note that you shouldn’t overplay an abrupt voice because it can mess
up the continuity of your project.