Afraid Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Afraid voice for your voice over project.

It may be quiet, tense, and small. It makes us think of things going bump in the night and the voice iteself can send shivers down our spine. It's the afraid voice, and we know that bad things will come when we hear it.

Info for Afraid voice Voice-overs

You know that voice, the whispery one in a dark, scary setting. The afraid voice that we hear in horror movies or domestic thrillers, or maybe an audiobook or animated film would have this voice. For as quiet as it may be, it can hold volumes of emotion in its smallness.

When can you use an Afraid voice Voice-over?

The afraid voice captures the mood of fear in its sound. This is the perfect voice to appeal to listeners of an audiobook or maybe video game players.

What makes the perfect Afraid voice?

We tend to think of the afraid voice as quiet and whispery with a subtle quiver. The afraid voice can also be louder and more frantic, but will still have that fearful shake to it. Maybe your character is a mom type in an audiobook hiding with her child trying to soothe him in a quiet voice or she now is fighting off an intruder, her fear apparent in her shouts. Her voice can change, but it will still be afraid. It can be any gender, any age, any ethnicity. The louder it gets the more high pitched it will probably be.

Other info for Afraid voice Voice-overs

An afraid voice doesn't just have to be a character hiding or in the dark. Fear, unfortunately, comes in many forms. Sure, we can hear that quietly afraid voice, but imagine a video game character on the run, calling for help. There could be a frantic pitch in this afraid voice as he yells for help. The fear is there. The poiint is, an afraid voice has a lot of purpose, a lot of range, and a lot of effect.