Aged Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Aged voice for your voice over project.

Who's wiser? The 2,000-years old Gandalf or the 150-years old Dumbledore? Albeit ancient, their wavery and nurturing voices enlighten realms with strengthful authority. Looking to deliver these traits in your project? Relate to your target demographic with our professional aged voice over!

Info for Aged voice Voice-overs

Wise beyond years, or obstinate on all frontiers? Swing it either way! Aged voices have graced characters of good and evil, distinguished and ditsy. The globe's aging population is demanding more mature vocalists. It's just ludicrous to have a teen preach to a senior! Reach over the 50s sincerely with an authentic aged voice. Shrill witch, frail nana, or loving gramps, we'll tailor perfection to your project.

When can you use an Aged voice Voice-over?

Though rougher, shakier, and thinner, aged voices are not passe, and neither do they command any less respect. Rather, they are powerful, warm, and reassuring. Apply an aged voice over to your audiobooks and videos ad to portray your characters more vividly for the young. Looking to appeal to the retro generation? A spritely and authentic senior voice will make your ad a shoo-in with those rocking their retirement!

What makes the perfect Aged voice?

An aged voicebox often loses flexibility. In addition to calcifying cartilage and a thinning larynx, vocal cords become drier. This results in a thinner, hoarser, and more fatigued voice. In women, voices tend to lower in pitch while the opposite happens in men. But some things, like cheese, are just better aged. Accompanied by the familiarity of warmth, silvery qualities, an aged voice can be pleasantly relatable to a wide demographic.