Agitated Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Agitated voice for your voice over project.

When a person is agitated, it means they’re feeling worried, disturbed or upset. Agitation comes with feelings of nervousness: it can be felt in the voice.

Fortunately, you can use this agitation in voice overs to address customers’ concerns about a myriad of issues. It’s an excellent way of putting thyself in customers’ shoes before providing a lasting solution.

Ensure you get the right talent to convey agitation to make it as convincing as possible. It’s the only way of ensuring your project is worth listening to.

Info for Agitated voice Voice-overs

An agitated voice will always get the attention of your audience because people can relate. This is the best approach for instances where you’re offering a solution. It is a style that guarantees high powered delivery because people are always looking to avoid disappointments.

When can you use an Agitated voice Voice-over?

The services that people can get frustrated about are endless. This means you can use an agitated voice to target a wide variety of audiences. It is a far-reaching advertising approach for any disappointing service delivery scenarios.

You could be addressing parents, online shoppers, gym enthusiast, or even vegetarians. So please don’t shy away from using this tone because it’s bound to be effective. Although an agitated voice has a negative connotation, you can use it for positive results.

What makes the perfect Agitated voice?

What expressions do you use when you’re agitated? Most people end up using curse words because being upset has people losing their cool. You need a talented character who’ll bring out the full range of this emotion.

Agitation is often laced with stammering because people often don’t know what to say when they’re upset. It’s also laced with a lot of sighing as the person in question comes to terms with reality.