Aloof Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Aloof voice for your voice over project.

This quiet voice has a lot that's hidden deep down. It may seem standoffish and cold, but it may be far from snobby or snooty. The aloof character keeps the audience guessing, and maybe worries them a bit; we just can't get inside to get to know them.

Info for Aloof voice Voice-overs

When your voiceover needs to sound a bit standoffish or diffiuclt to get to know, go with an aloof voice. This distant and reserved voice adds depth to a character and if you wan that cool, distant character, use an aloof voice.

When can you use an Aloof voice Voice-over?

An aloof voice is a perfect charactrerization addition when you want to portray this type of character. This is great in a video game or audio book. You can even use it to showcase growth or internal motivation. You probably don't want this voice to voice your motivational talk, podcast, or PSA, though. Your audience may not feel connected to or inspired by this voice, but they will wonder what's going on underneath.

What makes the perfect Aloof voice?

An aloof voice is usually somewhat soft spoken and on the quiet side. They don't speak without reason and when they do, it's short and succint. This voice will send a removed and distant vibe; you don't want to use it for your warm and bubbly best friend voice.

Other info for Aloof voice Voice-overs

Often an aloof character is seen as an antagonist, but also, a protagonist can start out as aloof and grow along the way. Just because they are aloof doens't mean they are bad, they just may have some sorting out to do.