Angry Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Angry voice for your voice over project.

For a character with more than a little heat, an angry voice over talent gets it right. An angry voice is a lot of things – righteous or undeserved, calm or explosive, sometimes even violent. Still, the right amount of anger can get your point across. With a way of adding more impact to a character or message, maybe angry is the style your project needs.

Info for Angry voice Voice-overs

Anger is one intense and complicated feeling. One of the basic human emotions, people naturally feel angry and furious when faced with injustice, injury, and general displeasure. Sometimes, it’s also an effective way to motivate and inspire people. If it’s to stir your audience, an angry voice might just be perfect for your project.

When can you use an Angry voice Voice-over?

An angry tone applies to the general audience. All walks in life feel this emotion, making a voice-over of this manner of speech one way to move their feelings. Use an angry voice for podcasts, audiobooks, films, video games, and many other projects. As a skilled storyteller, a voice actor can converse with your audience using anger to push, driver, power, and motivate.

What makes the perfect Angry voice?

A yelling, bitter tone is how we often describe an angry voice. But anger can also be calm and silent and dangerous. An angry voice is often biting, abrasive, sometimes growling, or high-pitched with frustration and annoyance. It’s not soft or smooth, but rough and callous, using words as weapons to cast invisible wounds. Full of passion, any answer from an angry person is sometimes hard to swallow. An angry voice sound grating, never to make you feel good. But it evokes a multitude of emotions from anger and defiance to determination. Its powerful energy makes any project gripping, holding your attention until what one wants to say is heard.