Animated Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Animated voice for your voice over project.

Enthusiastic, hyper, and maybe just a tad quirky. An animated voice will delight just about any kid, and make adults feel too out of breath to catch up! Colorful and lit with high and low tones, bring to life any character with personality-packed expression and emotion. Our professional and light-hearted animated voice actors are sure to bring a whirlwind of energy into anyone's day!

Info for Animated voice Voice-overs

Listen, you can almost hear a smirk! An animated voice brings to mind the toons and tunes of caricature up to mischief. Full of zest and exaggerated enunciation, an animated voice can refreshingly wake a room and hype up its energy. Hit an alarm on that snooze button and turn some heads. Our dynamic animated voice actors will help you create a memorable impression on your audiobook, ad, or video.

When can you use an Animated voice Voice-over?

Naturally, animated voices are the signature of cartoon characters enjoyed by young and old! But the tone can be great for dialogue ads too, especially with two or more characters. Because of the urgency it carries, it is highly effective for a call to action. Explosive with motivation, its energy fuels the listener to take action.

What makes the perfect Animated voice?

An animated voice is the sound of someone who's finished their candy on Halloween night. It's energy-pumped and mostly all-around happy! In the Japanese manga fanatic realm, an animated voice tends to be higher in pitch and expressively vivid in the mind's ear. The fast-paced voice is an excellent choice for any audio project in need of some hype.