Antagonistic Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Antagonistic voice for your voice over project.

No one really likes the guy with the antagonistic voice, but it sure can make an impact in your voiceover project. You know the one, the one always digging at someone else, trying to argue and taking the negative route everywhere they go. Ick, who likes this guy? But when you use this voice, your audience pays attention, you know, kind of the love to hate thing.

Info for Antagonistic voice Voice-overs

An antagonisitic voice is more than the voice of the antagonist. A minor character can have this voice, it's just an annoying, bothersome, negative take on a character. It's effective though, whether it's someone arguing in a commercial or ad or a character full of negativity in a video game or film. Use this voice to stir up that negativity; it has a big effect.

When can you use an Antagonistic voice Voice-over?

You would use this antagonistic voice when you want to stir something up. This isn't the character that's going to bond with your audience, but he will make his mark. This is a great way to show contrast or growth in another character. Though there's not much audience "appeal" to this voice, it will have a great impact.

What makes the perfect Antagonistic voice?

An antagonistic voice will be grating and annoying. This character is always oppossing someone else, so his voice should mirror this. This character probably speaks strongly and loudly, maybe a little high pitched. They're always up for an arguement adn love to yuck on others yum.

Other info for Antagonistic voice Voice-overs

An antagonist isn't always the bad guy, maybe she's just be the opposition. However, the character with the antagonistic voice is the one that's full of negativity, annoyance, and opposition. This usual does represent a bad guy or negative character. We all need them, though, and we all know them.