Approachable Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Approachable voice for your voice over project.

Do you need to gain the confidence of your potential audience an raise its interest in hearing the complete message? Then an approachable voice is possibly the best solution.

Info for Approachable voice Voice-overs

Describing somebody as approachable essentially means that such a person is seen as friedly and easy to talk to. At the same time, presenting an idea or a message in an approachable manner means that it ispresented in such a way that people find it enjoyable and easy to understand. An approachabl voice makes listeners pay close attention and raises their interest in the message they are hearing.

When can you use an Approachable voice Voice-over?

Approachable voice is often used when the presenter of the message needs to gain confidence of an audience. The theme of the message could be casual, as there is a neighbourly, or frienndly conversation going on, but very often, an approachable voice is used when the confidence of the audience needs to be gained in connection to a sensitive subject, like substance abuse or mental illness. It can also be used in office situations where team building and personal confidence need to be strengthened.

What makes the perfect Approachable voice?

An approachable voice should sound realistic, some would call it a 'normal sounding' voice, that in most instances has a casual, conversational tone, It is a tone that needs to exude confidence in the listener nd in that manner stimulate the audience to take some form of action with postive connotations. An approachable voice should have the speaking characteristics of the targeted audience and should in most cases be coming from the same cultural background.