Arrogant Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Arrogant voice for your voice over project.

You know that prep school kid, the one with his collar turned up. We all can hear his voice, sort of a slow, condescending tone that makes us think he's looking down his nose at us. What voice could be more perfect to characterize the entitled character in your work. Go for that arrogance - embrace it!

Info for Arrogant voice Voice-overs

They think they're better than others, and you can hear it in their voices. Laced with subtle mockery and insulting undetones, the arrogant voice is not one begging us to befriend the other characters. However, maybe people are a bit captivated by those with this voice and want to do what they're doing. This voice can beckon the listener to a new world of snobbery and class.

When can you use an Arrogant voice Voice-over?

Think high end scotch or a luxury car commercial. A voice here laced with a little arrogance isn't necessarily a bad thing. There is some audience appeal in arrogance when you want to target an audience with a stand out product. You're not sending the message that the person is better then anyone else, but that it is your product that is better than anyone else's.

What makes the perfect Arrogant voice?

An arrogant voice will be on the condescneding side, slow speaking, and probably have a deeper, more baritone sound. It's confident and assured. Sometimes a little too assured.

Other info for Arrogant voice Voice-overs

There's a fine line between confidence, assuredness, and arrogance. When you want to add that little bit of a negative connotation, or over assuredness, go with the arrogant voice. This is great for a character in a video game or audio book. Your audieince will be able to feel that snooty vibe through the voice to add depth to your character.