Attentive Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Attentive voice for your voice over project.

Sometimes, everything's going to be OK, and that's what an attentive voice is meant to convey. When you want to soothe, calm, or otherwise make your audience made to feel listened to and understood, there's nothing better.

Info for Attentive voice Voice-overs

Attentive tones make us stand up and take notice, but reduce our anxiety levels. They allow us to be alert and take in the content of what is being said while reducing our anxiety and stress levels. Not only that, but whenever we're made to feel like what we're saying or thinking matters, our relaxation and trust levels shoot through the roof; we come to inherently believe the soothing tones of these performers. If you want your listeners to feel like they're being taken care of, then the attentive voice over is the perfect gateway to that lovin' feeling.

When can you use an Attentive voice Voice-over?

An attentive voice can work in many different situations. Whether you're creating an instructional, or e-learning video, a guided meditation tutorial, an explainer video, creating a new IVR greeting for your company, narrating a children's tale, or anything that requires a compelling, human touch, then this is the right style.

What makes the perfect Attentive voice?

An attentive voice should be warm, clear, approachable, friendly, and personable. It could span a wide variety of genders and ages. An affable older man that's recounting a story from his youth, a middle-aged doctor who wants to teach hear patients about the latest technology, or a young CEO from a tech startup can have this tone. What matters is that the voice convey a sense of empathy and understanding. A very clear, precise diction that tends to be on the slower side is perfect for creating this feeling.