Awkward Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Awkward voice for your voice over project.

Maybe there's an over abundance of word fillers or a nervous laugh. Then this could be an awkward voice. This is perfect for showing that your character doesn't feel quite comfortable, is maybe struggling to fit in, or just doesn't know what to do. We've all felt it, some of us hide it, but the truly awkward character can't help but let that awkwardness surface in their voice.

Info for Awkward voice Voice-overs

An awkward character can take on a beloved charm or maybe be a little off putting. This character can take on many roles, from a newbie in a commercial to a main character in an audiobook. We've all experienced it, and most of us can relate to an awkward voice in some way or another. Think first day of school ad for peanut butter and jelly or an educational video on being kind. The oppoortunities are endless and this voice can make an impact.

When can you use an Awkward voice Voice-over?

This audience is far reaching and covers audiobook listeners to commericals to community videos. The target for commericals may be the parents of school children as we often see awkward school scenarios playing out with an act of kindness. Don't shy away from using this voice; in all its awkwardness, it can be a postiive stand out.

What makes the perfect Awkward voice?

The awkward voice will be laced with voice fillers, like uhhh and ummm, and probably sprinkled with some hesitation and nervous laughter. Often the voice is higher pitched and may go up as the speaker talks. It lacks boldness and confidence, you'll hear timidity and question inflection in it, even in statements.