Biting Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Biting voice for your voice over project.

It's mean. It pierces right through your heart, and just when you think you've had enough of the biting voice, it claws at you with a vengeance. You can feel the aching pain of the words, long after the voice is gone.

Info for Biting voice Voice-overs

Have a short-tempered, cruel, and sarcastic character that you need to bring to life? There is no better tone to use than a biting voice. A villain with a freezing heart, hell-bent on crushing other people’s spirits with cold, calculated, words without the least bit of remorse.

When can you use an Biting voice Voice-over?

A biting voice has a little bit of an edge. It is very sarcastic and used where cruelty is implied. It is belittling, hostile, and is used by an unpleasant character to demean others; those that they consider below them in position, rank, or financial status. The voice graces movie trailers, radio and audio blog characters, cartoons, and would be perfect for political smear ads. It can also be used by comedic writers and political satirists.

What makes the perfect Biting voice?

The biting voice is cold, cruel, and unkind, and is usually used to make the listener feel uncomfortable. It can come at you as an offhanded remark that is short and precise, hitting you unexpectedly or in a long critic message garnished with an insulting tone that makes you hate every aspect of yourself.

Other info for Biting voice Voice-overs

When using the biting voice for villains in a story, movie, or audiobook, it is perfect for characters that are intellectually sound and in a position of authority.