Booming Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Booming voice for your voice over project.

A boominh voice can make your house's foundations shake, and your listeners take immediate notice. If you're looking for maximum, resounding impact, then look no further.

Info for Booming voice Voice-overs

Where would we be without booming voices? We would probably still be talking past each other, with no one voice able to make itself heard over the din. That's why these thunderous, resounding voices cut through the crowd and are ideal for leadership roles. If you need your audience to immediately say "I should listen to this," you're in the right place. WIth their hard-hitting quality, these voices are best used when you need to make an impact.

When can you use an Booming voice Voice-over?

Do you need to make a stadium announcement that will have everyone forgetting their hot dogs for a minute? Or how about a regal, full-on public introduction for a local celebrity who loves a little bit of pomp and flair? Maybe you need to make a character in an animated feature or video game give a rousing speech, a rallying cry for a last stand. Or perhaps you need a hard-hitting announcer, or trailer voice that stops listeners in their tracks. The power of the booming voice is not to be underestimated.

What makes the perfect Booming voice?

The booming voice is powerful, resonant, clear, and commanding. This doesn't mean screaming per se. These voices have a natural thundering quality that makes them carry far and wide without necessarily raising the volume too much. Talk about power!