Breathy Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Breathy voice for your voice over project.

Pop artists love to use it, and you may like it depending on how it is used .It’s breathy voice, and it has an airy and ethereal quality that can be both powerful and risky.

Info for Breathy voice Voice-overs

A breathy voice is what happens when the vocal chords are not closing as they should when you speak or sing. By opening and closing up your vocal chords, you can change the texture of your voice to a breathy tone. This can either sounds beautiful or it can sound like you are out of air. The trick lies in knowing when to make your voice airy, like the singer Mariah Carey who uses an airy sound to add color to her vocals.

When can you use an Breathy voice Voice-over?

Both voice teachers and artists have mixed feelings about breathy voice. It can be risky to use, but an airy tone is also a great emotional tool that can be used to portray an array of emotions from sadness to sensuality. The voice can represent an emotionally charged and fragile character that can connect with those who love film.

What makes the perfect Breathy voice?

A breathy voice is fuzzier and quieter than normal. A lot of R&B and pop artists start off their songs with a breathy tone and transition to a fuller voice as the chorus approaches. You run out of air faster when using a breathy voice, so it is best that you practice how to parcel out air.

Other info for Breathy voice Voice-overs

When using breathy voice as a stylistic vocal technique, keep your vocal safety first. Limit your usage of this airy sound to avoid stressing the vocal chords. Only sing in a vocal range that is comfortable for you.