Brooding Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Brooding voice for your voice over project.

Sometimes a little darkness is just what your project needs. A brooding voice can bring in some of that tortured, weighty delivery to a performance. Whether you're looking for a cloaked vigilante, a villain, a tortured artist racked with existential angst, or a contemplative philosopher, look no further.

Info for Brooding voice Voice-overs

Stuff can get heavy, and that's true for both screenplays and life. When your script calls for that authentic performance that shows true weight and grit, a brooding voice is the way to go. This isn't the happy-go-lucky side of the aisle. These voices bring a menacing, foreboding quality to performances, and are best reserved for when things get intense. This is the realm of caped crusaders and hard-boiled detectives.

When can you use an Brooding voice Voice-over?

A brooding voice can be deployed in myriad ways. From Matthew McCounaghey's barely-contained existential madness in True Detective, to Kevin Conroy's immortal turn as the voice of Batman, this type of delivery has certainly earned its place among the most sought-after, and the hardest to get right. If you're looking to bring intensity, and a heartfelt, long-suffering quality that provides a dramatic weight to a character or scene, there's nothing better.

What makes the perfect Brooding voice?

The brooding voice is generally on the deeper end of the pitch scale, with a low-key, almost reserved approach that conveys the angst and sadness lurking under the surface. Some of these voice also have a slight raspy quality to more accurately convey the worn, tortured soul of the character.