Burly Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Burly voice for your voice over project.

“They may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom…” One of those William Wallace (as portrayed by Mel Gibson) lines from Braveheart that we have mastered by heart. The rich manly shout that served to inspire the Irish rebellion in the movie and touched our hearts as we rallied with them from our couches. It’s the burly voice.

Info for Burly voice Voice-overs

It is an expression of perceived manhood, intimidating, or encouraging. Words are not enough for the burly voice. It has to be used alongside emotions for maximum effectiveness. This voice attracts attention to the speaker and is often preferred by people in positions of power either to threaten or to inspire.

When can you use an Burly voice Voice-over?

The burly voice is commonly used for movie and video game promos, audio blogs, adverts, and documentaries. It is often portrayed by a strong, manly character in a film or audio story, usually a leader in a war or a political setting and with coaches and motivational speakers.

What makes the perfect Burly voice?

Think of a strong, commanding, often muscular voice that commands attention. It is heavily built, sounds large, and can sometimes be intimidating. The burly voice may be used to project a position of strength, as a motivator, or it can use its attention-grabbing properties to draw attention to a product when used in advertising. Whichever setting you use it in, the burly voice demands attention…and gets it.

Other info for Burly voice Voice-overs

Knowing how and when to use the burly voice is like mastering an art. Given its manliness, it can be used seductively in music, film, animations, cartoons, and sports commentaries.