Camp Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Camp voice for your voice over project.

Camp voice is the stereotypical gay voice. When a man speaks at a higher pitch and is melodious, people assume they’re gay. This is considered a stereotype because not all gay men have a camp voice. That said,
it rings true that most gay men do speak differently from straight men. Have you ever encountered a stranger and thought to yourself, “OMG! He sounds gay. Is he gay?” We judge people all the time based on their voices, and it’s the same when you hear someone speak with a camp voice.

Info for Camp voice Voice-overs

Sounding gay shouldn’t automatically means that a man is, in fact, gay. Many voice actors can pull off different voices, including a camp voice. Are you casting for a movie that features homosexuality? If so, you might need a man with a camp voice, who is comfortable with acting a gay role. Audio recordings are different because you don’t have to match the voice with the personality. As long as a man can pull off a campy voice, you can work with them.

When can you use an Camp voice Voice-over?

Since for most people, a camp voice belongs to a gay man; it is excellent for creating awareness. You can use a camp voice to address the attitudes people have towards homosexuality. Complicated discussions such as disguised misogyny, lingering homophobia, and gay pride can be made more accessible with a camp voice.

What makes the perfect Camp voice?

The camp voice should be high-pitched and melodious. The voice actor
should insist on pronouncing t’s, k’s and p’s very crisply to pull off
what many describe as a lisp.