Cartoon Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Cartoon voice for your voice over project.

A little exaggeration goes a long way. Comical and imaginative, a cartoon voice always draws attention. With fun vocal sound effects and animated voices, voice actors of this specialty are the best. Cartoon voice talents are vocal chameleons set to make your project a success.

Info for Cartoon voice Voice-overs

Voicing cartoon characters and adopting a comical voice is hard work. The voice range expected from a cartoon voice actor is unlike any other voice talent. Telling your story and bringing your characters to life in cartoon voice is always entertaining. If it’s to engage your audience, there is no better voice style. Able to portray all kinds of cartoon styles thanks to learning different pitch levels, cartoon voice actors are adaptable. With such diverse vocal ranges, cartoon voice makes an excellent choice for any project.

When can you use an Cartoon voice Voice-over?

Is cartoon voice limited only to children’s shows? Of course not! Even the audience of businesses like this voice style. Adopting a comical voice for your explainer videos, ads, and other visual projects makes it more enjoyable. Videos are already eye-catching, but with a cartoon voice, it’s even more amusing. Cartoon voice-over jobs range from TV cartoons, video games, toys, character commercials, direct-to-DVD-features, and more.

What makes the perfect Cartoon voice?

Cartoon sounds are incredibly fascinating. While they can sound fake, they are also quite fun. A cartoon voice is often high-pitched and excessively fast. Sometimes it’s like a snort, the voice seemingly coming from the nose instead of the mouth. Although animated and friendly most of the time, the excessiveness of the voice can come off annoying. The best cartoon voice actors have a full vocal range, sounding male, female, child, adult, and even elderly.