Casual Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Casual voice for your voice over project.

Casual voice is exactly what the doctor ordered when the message has an informal, friendly tone. It can be used for practically any purpose, whether it is an ad, a telephone answering message, cartoons... practically anywhere.

Info for Casual voice Voice-overs

Casual voice can be done in practically any friendly or informal tone. It can be done in first person, as if the narrator is speaking directly to his/her closest friends, family, neighbors, just like any daily conversation, even chit chat. Its intention is to make the listener comfortable with the subject matter and to attract her/him pay a closer attention to what is being said. Casual voice tries to avoid big and complex words, technical expressions and abbreviations.

When can you use an Casual voice Voice-over?

The audience for a casual voice is practicaly anybody. It is usually adapted to the age group and community for whom the message or content is intended. It usually presents a pun or a joke, as if there is a friendly conversation going on the street corner or by the office coffee machine. It can be used to inform, amuse, but sometimes even carry an important or a serious message that can be transmitted in a less serious tone. Casual voice is the one that is usually used for informal telephone answering machines.

What makes the perfect Casual voice?

Casual tone voice can be practically any everyday voice. At the same time, it has to express friendliness and familiarity and needs to have a warm tone. It should be a voice that a potential listener could feel as he knows the person speaking for ages.

Other info for Casual voice Voice-overs

Famous singer and entertainer Dean Martin was nicknamed the "casual voice" because of his vocal tone and approach.