Charismatic Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Charismatic voice for your voice over project.

Ah, the charismatic voice; the voice of the leader. This voice is so persuasive it can sell ice to an Eskimo. Persuasion is partially about what you say, and mostly about how you say it. Talking fast, for instance, is anti-charismatic. Low-pitched and oozing with confidence, it’s hard for anyone to resist a charismatic voice.

Info for Charismatic voice Voice-overs

A charismatic person is not only liked by others, they are also respected. A charismatic voice brings out the best in people by making the message sound more meaningful. It is the voice of the political candidate making a speech, a C.E.O. addressing the company, or a judge delivering a verdict. They don't stutter or talk too fast, and their voices are not breathy.

When can you use an Charismatic voice Voice-over?

A charismatic voice is something people admire and look up to. It is trusted in politics to lead and make decisions, and it is trusted in business to give advice. You can never run out of ways to use a charismatic voice to inform, entertain, as well as persuade your audience.

What makes the perfect Charismatic voice?

Have you noticed how confident people speak? They are so sure of themselves they can take a pause for a second, or ten, before finishing a sentence. They know you will wait to hear what they have to say; that is charisma_it can command you without being arrogant. A charismatic voice speaks slowly, pronouncing every word and giving the audience time to introspect. It has a narrow tonal range which implies certainty.