Child-like Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Child-like voice for your voice over project.

Unassuming and without reservation, a child-like voice is a voice style ideal for many projects. When you need a voice for a pure and get-to-the-point kind of character, a voice actor that can give an innocent delivery is what you need. With this voice’s unpretentious quality, your audience can’t help but be fascinated by your project.

Info for Child-like voice Voice-overs

When you have a child character in your script, of course, you’ll need the best voice actor who can breathe life to it. You need a skilled talent that can craft the best child-like voice – genuine, a little high-pitched and somehow girly. While there are child voice actors too, professionals voice talents can sound like a child thanks to their excellent voice range.

When can you use an Child-like voice Voice-over?

There are many projects where a child-like voice is needed. You need the voice of a kid for animation, gaming, toys, and commercials. For characters on films and voice dramas, the ability to sound like a child is just as invaluable. You can hire a child voice actor for the part, but it’s often the best to find a more experienced talent who’s up for the task.

What makes the perfect Child-like voice?

Kids sound like kids because of their little vocal cords. Both young boys and girls have a voice with a pitch that tends to be higher. They often sound whiny or shrilly, possibly nasal too. Without using the chest cavity as a natural amplifier, a child-like voice sounds immature and unconfident. Expert voice actors can mimic this tone and manner to project the voice of a preteen. A child-like voice lacks the resonance and deep quality that a chest voice has. It’s thin and piercing, often grating to the ears. Of course, a kid’s voice isn’t always like that. It can be sweet and hyper, raucous or booming, but whatever it is, you can trust the best voice actor to deliver.