Colorful Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Colorful voice for your voice over project.

Need a voice that has an interesting, pleasing tone? A vocal tone that sounds like it can start singing at any moment? Then a colorful voice could be the perfect choice.

Info for Colorful voice Voice-overs

Colorful voices are usually defined as voices that have specific overtones. These kind of voices are very melodic and are considered to be able to deliver any musical melody. Colorful voices are characterized by the timbre of the voice, their ability to reproduce rich vocal tones. As one commentator mentions, it is one thing to be able to sing notes, but it is the overtones that distinguish one instrument from another and one voice from another.

When can you use an Colorful voice Voice-over?

Reaching an audience that will have a positive reaction to a rich, melofic voice is the key goal when employing a vocal actor with a colorful voice. You may also need her/him to sing a couple of lines, even whistle. A colorful voice doesn't distract its audience and makes it concentrate on the message or images if they are accompanying it.

What makes the perfect Colorful voice?

While the capabilites of reproducing a colorful voice come naturally, for public speaking and vocal actors there are special vocal tools that can increase vocal dynamics. According to experts, these tools include - energy and emphasis,pitch inflection, rhythm and pacing, pauses and silence, vocal quality. With a colorful voice, it is the last element that counts the most.

Other info for Colorful voice Voice-overs

Timbre- In simple terms, timbre is what makes a particular musical sound have a different sound from another, even when they have the same pitch and loudness.