Comforting Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Comforting voice for your voice over project.

It's the voice of bedtime stories and warm hugs. If it had a smell, it would be baking bread and warm chocolate chip cookies. The comforting voice is the one we all want to hear. We want to hear it say things will be okay, don't worry, I've got you.

Info for Comforting voice Voice-overs

The comforting voice can be the perfect sound for a number of projects. Sure, we tend to think audiobooks and bedtime stories, but this voice is also great for inspirational pieces. It's soothing and warm and has a place in many projects. When you incorporate this voice, you let your audience know that they can do it and everything will be okay.

When can you use an Comforting voice Voice-over?

The audience of the comforting voice is wide as the types of comforting voice voiceovers have a wide range, too. Children love the comforting voice for bedtime stories, adults love it for yoga videos or meditaiton. And to be honest, what adult doesn't love a bedtime story, too, told in a warm, comforting voice?

What makes the perfect Comforting voice?

The comforting voice is soft and slow. It maintains an even tone and may be a little whispery. It's not quite to the ASMR level, but almost. A comforting voice can be male or female and the age range is broad. Think Bob Ross, Angela Basset, or Morgan Freeman. When you hear these voices, you know all is right in the world.

Other info for Comforting voice Voice-overs

A comforting voice is a winner for any type of piece where you want soothing tones. Not just stories to fall asleep to, but also how to's, meditation, and anything you want to get across in a warm, comforting, supportive way. Your audience won't want to stop listening.