Compassionate Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Compassionate voice for your voice over project.

They understand us, they offer a shoulder to cry on and a warm cup of tea. These are those with a compassionate voice, and when your voiceover calls for compassion, reach for the compassionate voice. It can be the factor that connects with your audience.

Info for Compassionate voice Voice-overs

The compassionate voice is the one that understands and listens. When it comes to a voiceover, a compassionate voice is perfect for certain ads, like mental health or addiction. It also works for PSA's regarding human and animal rights, or just about anything. A compassionate character in a video game or audio book will be beloved, and when it comes to podcast, compassion is a winning trait. This goes to show that you can't really go wrong with a compassionate voice.

When can you use an Compassionate voice Voice-over?

Let's think about podcasts for a moment. The audience here is often young and middle adults. People often look to a podcast for information about the world, to learn soemthing new, or better themsleves. What could be better than compassion here? A compassionate voice has wide audience appeal, and it's a voice that has immediate connection with its listeners.

What makes the perfect Compassionate voice?

The compassionate voice is warm and soft. The tones are quiet and there's never judgeiness there. The voice speaks slowly and takes time to listen and let the listener hear. It's not rushed or overbearing. The compassionate voice is like that warm cup of tea, soothing, warm, and comforting.

Other info for Compassionate voice Voice-overs

In this day and age we need compassion. We've got a lot of world issues that need to be understood and the key to getting them across is compassion and tolerance.