Confessional Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Confessional voice for your voice over project.

The confessional voice lets you know the speaker is about to dive into deeper and darker revelations about their lives. This voice instantly creates an intimate connection between the speaker and the audience.

Info for Confessional voice Voice-overs

The confessional voice carries a sense of self-reflection. This particular quality draws the audience in even more. A confessional voice is communicative in every sense of the word. The listeners can feel the joy, pain, grief, and tension in the speaker’s voice. Viewers get to experience the narrator’s transformation which makes them relate to the story even more.

When can you use an Confessional voice Voice-over?

The film industry really took the confessional narration style to a new level, using this technique to sell films full of mystery and drama. This voice tells the story in first person and has the unique ability to transform an audience. A confessional voice makes the listener feel like they are part of a shared experience. This voice can also be used in a corporate environment or in advertising to further increase the relatability of your brand.

What makes the perfect Confessional voice?

A confessional tone can be vague and misleading, but this only adds to the mysterious nature of the voice. It is flexible and can get through to multiple audiences. A confessional narrator basically holds the listener’s hand through the film, guiding them to where the action lies.

Other info for Confessional voice Voice-overs

Confessions are cathartic, which means they have to be sincere. If you have a script that needs a reader to pour their heart out, go for an authentic-sounding confessional voice.