Confident Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Confident voice for your voice over project.

As somebody said, "if confidence could be bottled, it would be an overnight sensation." To show confidence and instill it in any audience a confident voice is simply essential.

Info for Confident voice Voice-overs

For any business person or politician to impress a listening audience and show that they really know what they are talking about is to have a confident voice. It could be a key step for the audience to feel confident itself that such a person is worth the investment of their, ears, time, vote and/or money. But then, this is also true for political, business or any other message that has to instill confidence in its audience and tell it they they are doing the right thing.

When can you use an Confident voice Voice-over?

A confident voice can practically be geared towards any general audience. It could be a message to stimulate voters, and advertisement or a teaching class. It is geared towards audiences that need to feel not only confidence towards the messenger and his message, but also towards itself.

What makes the perfect Confident voice?

Usually, vocal tonality is first divided into two rough categories. Dominant and submissive. Dominant voices are usually associated with confidence. Confident voices express leadership, assertiveness, and security. They show you’re not trying to impress anyone else. Confident voices stay the same or lower in pitch when finishing a sentence or phrase. It sounds like the speaker is speaking his mind without hesitation. There us no wavering or raising to pitch tone.

Other info for Confident voice Voice-overs

Psychologist and author Larina Kase says: “True confidence is not thinking that you’ll get a great result. It’s knowing that you can handle any result." That should practically be the motto for any confident voice.