Confused Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Confused voice for your voice over project.

Stuttering, waffling...maybe it's a bit hazy or repetitive. This is the confused voice and though the speaker may not have many words to say, this voice can speak volumes in a voiceover project.

Info for Confused voice Voice-overs

Confusion is often seen in body language, you know, a quizzical look, raised eyebrows, sagging shoulders. But you can't see that in a voiceover so the voice has to be all the more expressive. A confused voice can appear in so many different scenarios, from commercials to audiobooks to films and video games. It's an effective voice when used correctly, and a great confused voice over can give your audience just the tone you're striving for.

When can you use an Confused voice Voice-over?

Depending on your project, your audience may vary. A confused voice can appeal to the teen and twenty-something crowd during a scene in video game, or a parent watching a diaper commercial. Think about it, we all get confused sometimes, so there really is no limit on where this voice can show up.

What makes the perfect Confused voice?

A confused voice will lack confidence. It may come across as foggy or hazy, and you'll probably hear repeated questions along with filler words like huh and ummmm...This is not the voice you want on your side when you've got a decision to make or understand a new situation, but it's an effective way to show a character's inner feelings and who they are.

Other info for Confused voice Voice-overs

Remember, a confused voice can show up anywhere. Sometimes it may stay confused if that's who the character is, like in an audiobook or film. Other times, the confusion may be cleared up by someone else, like in a radio ad. We've all heard it, we've all used it. This quiet, hestitant, uncertain voice certainly can make a big impact.