Conversational Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Conversational voice for your voice over project.

To get really close, even intimate with an audience, it is often essential to engage a conversational voice. It is a voice that has to sound like a close relative, a neighbour, a person the listener works with. It is somebody to whom the listener is going to pay attention to.

Info for Conversational voice Voice-overs

Conversationl voice is not preaching, teaching or giving orders or directions. It is not a voice that is giving a peech or participating in a debate. A conversational voice has all the characteristics of a person participating in a conversation of any kind, be it daily shopping, work gossip or exchanging latest jokes. It is a voice that evokes trust in the listener in a casual, everyday tone.

When can you use an Conversational voice Voice-over?

A conversational voice is usually geared to the audience that needs to be familiarized with any kind of content, in most cases, related to their everyda lives. At the same time, it can relay messages that could be of a more sensitive nature, where gaining the trust of a listener is essential. Conversational voice is often very effective in commercials promoting products that are used in everyday lives, from toothbrushes, to automobiles.

What makes the perfect Conversational voice?

A conversational voice has to be very specific in relation to its target audience. He has to use language, slang, dialect of a specific community to be truly effective. It is usually slower, more intimate in its tone, a tone that is more inviting for the listener to join in the conversation, pay a closer attention to what the voice has to say.