Crazy Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Crazy voice for your voice over project.

There are performances that call for something a little bit out there. A crazy voice is all about portraying characters who have succumbed to madness, or are at their breaking point. If you want cra-cra-cra-crazy, then you've come to the right place.

Info for Crazy voice Voice-overs

Characters like the Joker have left an indellible mark on our media landscape. And sometimes, sanity is highly overrated. These actors and actresses are ready to give you a masterclass in crazy voice acting, and they can portray anything from loony-bin villains ready to wreak havoc on society, to timid, otherwise normal characters who are at their wit's end. Whatever style of crazy your script calls for, they're ready to deliver their best, from over-the-top madness to understated crazy.

When can you use an Crazy voice Voice-over?

If there's one thing that calls for creativy, it's madness. From a Lovecraftian mileu that calls for otherwise normal characters who slowly find their sanity fraying, to tied-and-true superhero tropes that call for well-defined baddies to loony supervillains — or you could take the middle road and go for a Deadpool-style main character. The advertising world is no stranger to crazy voices either, and these have been used to create fun, engaging narratives with qirky characters.

What makes the perfect Crazy voice?

Crazy voices are all over the place. There's no one way to go crazy; sometimes it's all about an understated performance with just a hint of something wrong under the surface, like Pennywise the clown; others it's all about stark-raving mad characters with high-pitched, screaming voices. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to insanity!