Cute Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Cute voice for your voice over project.

An octave higher than most normal voices, a cute voice is how some women speak. It’s adorable and polite, sometimes a little awkward too. But the way this voice sounds always make you feel bubbly inside. Some have a naturally cute voice, but the best voice actors have the talent to speak in a voice will all the cuteness they can muster.

Info for Cute voice Voice-overs

A cute voice to dub over your project is a great way to sweeten your message. If you want your script to sound soft and lovable, a cute tone might be a perfect fit. Sounding sweet and enthusiastic is an excellent marketing technique, sure to get people to stop and listen. With such an endearing voice, you’ll be sure to engage any audience.

When can you use an Cute voice Voice-over?

An excitable, mischievous, and perky voice is great for various kinds of projects. Perfect for video game characters, gamers will sure feel inclined to play more with this voice. A cute voice is also ideal for radio samples, commercial demos, corporate videos, and more. Aside from adopting an adorable tone, a conversational, positive, and comforting voice is a good way to go.

What makes the perfect Cute voice?

A cute voice is primarily soft and high pitched, whether it’s natural or not. Instead of coming from the chest, it comes from the throat – thin and somewhat shrilly, but not to the point of annoying. Speaking cutely means using your head voice. Your tone is lighter, higher, and sweeter. Cheeks raised into a smile, your mouth cuts to a forward shape. By adjusting their vocal placement to a higher pitch, skilled voice actors adopt a cute voice that sounds brighter and cheerier.