Dangerous Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Dangerous voice for your voice over project.

What does danger sound like? It is the voice of the cool character who doesn't have a care in the world. A retired detective living on the edge perhaps? A dangerous voice instantly tells you that the speaker has o reservations, and it makes you want to know more about their story.

Info for Dangerous voice Voice-overs

A dangerous voice is dark and brooding. It carries a ton of mystery and in as much as it is uncaring, this voice is also full of caution. This voice can come off as aggressive to some, but a dangerous character simply chooses to be brave rather than to fit in.

When can you use an Dangerous voice Voice-over?

You ever listen to a trailer of a thriller movie being advertised? The voice is dark and heavy, leading you on into the mystery. A dangerous voice has no hint of ingenuity or fear. Video games can design their most assertive characters to have this type of voice.

What makes the perfect Dangerous voice?

A dangerous voice can be deep and intriguing. Sometimes it can lack any feelings or emotions, as in apathetic, and it can also be interpreted as condescending. A dangerous voice can be scary, or it can be cautious. This voice can also sound angry, and it is more common among male voice actors than females.

Other info for Dangerous voice Voice-overs

The danger in a voice is not about how loud it is. In fact, dangerous voices tend to be low pitched and calm. A dangerous voice can sound assertive, but it does not bully the listener into submission.