Dark Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Dark voice for your voice over project.

A dark voice can send chills down its listener's spine. This is the voice for that evil character, the one you can never trust, the one that you should be afraid, very afraid, of.

Info for Dark voice Voice-overs

This voice may appear in a video game, an animated film, or an audio book. It's the voice of nightmares, the voice lacking soul. A dark voice over can express all that is evil and make the character come alive. When you have a character that emboides evil and darkness, go with the dark voice and your audience will get the fearful mood you're striving for.

When can you use an Dark voice Voice-over?

Those that love something sinister and creepy will love to be afraid of this voice. Maybe your video game needs a character like this to appeal to your audience, or your audio book has a character that brings the dark of the night into the day. The dark voice can convey this disturbing mood and your dark loving audience will eat it up.

What makes the perfect Dark voice?

The dark voice is often on the quiet side, speaking clearly and slowly. We don't hear a lot of inflection or emotion, after all, the dark character is pretty much void of emotion. The voice will be on the low, deeper side, and be a bit gravelly yet toneless. The characteristics include all that we are afraid of conveyed in one voice.

Other info for Dark voice Voice-overs

The dark voice can set the mood for your evil character. Think Voldemort or Count Dracula, you know that voice. It sends shivers down our spines but we can't get enough of it. When your character calls for it, go for the most menacing, darkest, voice of all. Your audience will love it.