Depressed Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Depressed voice for your voice over project.

A depressed voice is for those times when, like the song says "nothing seems to fit," and everything seems wrong. When you need a performer to evoke that heart-rending sadness that will tug at your audience's heartstrings, then this is the place.

Info for Depressed voice Voice-overs

Sometimes it's all about sorrow, sadness, and hearbreak. While those may not be the most appealing qualities at first glance, they're a necessary part of an actor's dramatic palette. Bringing in these common emotions can make a project stand out and reach new levels of emotional depth and resonance. These performers can connect with these painful states while delivering a compelling, clear reading that'll have your audiences reaching for the Kleenex.

When can you use an Depressed voice Voice-over?

Everybody (hopefully) has a heart, and there are many ways to touch on those emotions of sadness, regret, and bitter despair. The dejected antihero who will stop at nothing because everything's been taken from them; a PSA making people aware of the pervasive, all-encompassing effects of depression; a character who's going through the inevitable moment of darkness before the dawn. The creative possibilities of the depressed voice are huge.

What makes the perfect Depressed voice?

Low, with slightly-slurred speech, and a cadence that can only remind the listener of pain and sorrow. The flat, labored affect of a depressed voice, with its stops and pauses, is heartbreaking to hear.