Disgusting Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Disgusting voice for your voice over project.

I don’t know about you, but the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word disgusting is poorly cooked food. I mean, what else arouses revulsion if not food that you cannot stomach? Disgusting could also be used to refer to behavior because some people leave a bad taste in our mouths, right?

So how can you use a disgusting voice in a voice-over? Well, its application goes beyond talking about intense indignation. Pulling off a disgusting voice is actually quite easy because you can induce it. All an actor needs to do is taste something they do not fancy, like say, raw eggs.

Info for Disgusting voice Voice-overs

Advertising works magic because you can easily use a disgusting voice to pass a message. Are you in the food industry? Or maybe in pharmaceuticals, and you need to reach your ideal audience. Use a disgusting voice to create relatable content for your customer base.

When can you use an Disgusting voice Voice-over?

Almost every demographic can relate to a disgusting voice because we’ve all been disgusted before. It might have been a poor performance at the theatre or terrible food at a new restaurant you were trying out. A disgusting tone gets the attention of your audience within a slip second; they already relate to the feeling beforehand.

What makes the perfect Disgusting voice?

A disgusting voice does not use standard language because people express disgust in different ways. However, an audience will immediately identify with it because you can never mistake when someone is sickened.