Ditzy Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Ditzy voice for your voice over project.

There are times when special vocal characteristics need to attract the attention of listeners and/or viewers particularly if there is a funny element involved. These are the times to you might consider using a ditzy voice.

Info for Ditzy voice Voice-overs

A ditzy voice is the one that sounds eccenrically silly, goofy, even inane. The voice of the well-known TV actress Fran Drescher is often characterized as ditzy. It is a voice that is certain to attract attention, often testing the patience of the listeners. That is why it is mostly used with a good measure to make brief, punchy points. It often sounds silly and frivolous, but not necessarily connected to the content of the message in that manner.

When can you use an Ditzy voice Voice-over?

Any audience that appreciates a good comedy elment is at the same time bound to appreciate a good, measured use of a ditzy voice. Sometimes such a voice expresses a humorous, comic message, but there are also times when it needs to point out the absurdity of certain situations. Besides comey, a ditzy voice is often used in commercials, but also in political ads.

What makes the perfect Ditzy voice?

A ditzy voice sounds as it is completely oblivious of a certain situation, or that it simply doesn't understand what is going on. It is bound to express the absurtity of a certain situation, but as if the voice itself doesn't comprehend what is really going on. A ditzy voice is sometimes used when it needs to express a situation when a person is intoxicated or not exactly one of the brightest around.