Dramatic Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Dramatic voice for your voice over project.

Woe is you! Sometimes you need to create an impact and tug at heartstrings; other times you need to play sadness for laughs. Whatever would you do without a dramatic voice at your side?

Info for Dramatic voice Voice-overs

There's just something about a dramatic voice, isn't there? When you just need an audience to stand up and take notice, and really empathize with a character in a commercial, video game, TV show, etc., there's nothing better. Of course, if rather than empathy you want to play it for laughs, that possibility's open as well. The over-dramatic, exaggerated reaction of those characters that stub their toes and practically break out into a soliloquy is comedy gold, and a surefire recipe for a hearty guffaw.

When can you use an Dramatic voice Voice-over?

There's always a chance to unexpectedly (or premeditatedly) hit your audience right in the feels. Maybe it's that big moment of revelation for the character, the one that you've been building up to; perhaps it's an old aunt recouting a family's long history with a product that changed their lives for the better; maybe it's a politician talking about the struggles of the common folk. The possibilities are endless, whether the drama is played straight or mined for comedy.

What makes the perfect Dramatic voice?

Generally, these voices can go up into higher pitches and can really play up those big, theatrical moments. A dramatic voice has to cover the full range of sobbing, screaming, "poor me" possibility. Sometimes, they'll have us in tears of sadness, and sometimes in tears of joy, but a dramatic voice will never fly under the radar. There's also an element of believability in these performances; the more, the better, unless the perfomer really needs to play it up for laughs.