Dreamy Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Dreamy voice for your voice over project.

What are the possible situations in which you can use a dreamy voice? Sure, it can be just a state connected with our dreams while we sleep, or when we daydream. But actually those sitations are so numerous, that it would take a few pages to cover them!

Info for Dreamy voice Voice-overs

Dreamy voice is mostly associated with a voice of a person that is talking in its sleep, just woke upa, or is about to fall asleep. It is a voice of somebody who is in a state of reverie, thinking about something ethereal or in vague sketches. It is almost always associated with pleasant dreams, informal thoughts about something pleasant, even wonderful. But, as in most pleasant dreams, it is usually connected with some sort of wishful thinking, with something that isn't there, or isn't there yet.

When can you use an Dreamy voice Voice-over?

A dreamy voice is often used to tap in to audiences that have big wishes and ideas on which they have to employ themselves in some form or other. It could be their 'dream job,' their next vacation, or their perfect partner.. A dreamy voice has a potential in advertising, particularly when the target is an audience that could enter a prizewinning game or a lottery.

What makes the perfect Dreamy voice?

What could be the characteristics of a dreamy voice? It is mostly associated with a lower pitch, slow speaking, sometims even slurring words. It can be connected easily with terms such as vague, hazy, misty, but also visionary and surreal. In a way it sounds like the goal is illusive, but still within the reach.