Easy-going Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Easy-going voice for your voice over project.

He's your best friend; she's the one you want to go on adventures with. You want to hang out with the speaker with an easy-going voice.This voice personifies tolerance and taking things as they come. No getting freaked out by something unexpected here. The easy-going voice is perfect for anything from an audiobook character to an explainer video. After all, the easy-going voice is that of your friend.

Info for Easy-going voice Voice-overs

When you want the voice in your project to be one that anyone will want to hear, that reaches out to embrace everyone, use an easy-going voice. This voice can still offer instruction or share information, plus it makes for a great character, and it's a voice everyone can postiviely relate to.

When can you use an Easy-going voice Voice-over?

Who doesn't want to hear something presented in an easy-going voice? That's the charm of this voice for a voice over, it's the one almost anyone can relate to and feel good about. It's not intimidating or judgy, it's not bossy or cold. This is the voice of the guy who accepts everyone, and wants to share without being authoritative. In other words, this voice is very appealing to almost everyone so it's great in product commercials, eLearning, and explainer or corporate videos. Its wide appeal lets it work for a variety of audiences.

What makes the perfect Easy-going voice?

This voice is laced with warmth and friendly tones. It's pretty casual as it makes its listeners feel comfortable and at home. Any age, gender, or ethnicidy can have this voice, so a dialect or accent can complement it.

Other info for Easy-going voice Voice-overs

The appeal of the easy-going voice is that it fits so many situations. From characters in video games to commercials or PSA's, the easy-going voice has nothing off putting about it. It's always a winner.