Edgy Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Edgy voice for your voice over project.

When your character needs a little attitude, when they may be a little rough around the edges or nonconformist, go for an edgy voice. It will offer that subtle style just right for your voiceover.

Info for Edgy voice Voice-overs

An edgy voice has lots of draw. This voice can represent the nonconformist, the one who is a little more daring or experienced. This character is probably a bit seasoned and has that attitude and that cool, but unsettled sound. This is perfect for representing characters or in commerical work.

When can you use an Edgy voice Voice-over?

An edgy voice is a little sharper than others, and not very compassionate, but, nonetheless, there's audience appeal here. Your gamers will love an edgy character and audiobooks often have edgy charaacter voiceovers, think YA or maybe a thriller. There's a certain style, attitude, and appeal about the edgy character; there's always a piece of us that wants to be them, even if they aren't all that likable.

What makes the perfect Edgy voice?

An edgy voice is a little sharper than others, maybe a bit clipped, and has a cool quality. The pitch may be a bit higher, but over all it's a pretty neutral voice. It's more of the attitude within the voice. Think Riku from Kingdom Hearts and his fearless, competitive, but loyal nature. Usually an edgy character is somewhere between teenager to middle age. You usualy don't find an edgy grandma, but you never know.

Other info for Edgy voice Voice-overs

The edgy voice is great for showcasing characterization. You may hear certain slang or a dialect, but it's mostly how the voice is delivered. This voice can reveal a lot about a character without ever having to tell it.