Emotional Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Emotional voice for your voice over project.

When emotions fuel words, people are more inclined to listen. Do you want your audience’s ears perked up to receive your message? Adopting an emotional voice on your project is what you need. Heartfelt and intense, this voice will capture your audience and motivate them. It all depends on how your voice-over talent paints their words and delivers your message.

Info for Emotional voice Voice-overs

When you want to evoke a specific emotion from your audience, you need an expert. You don’t need just any expert, but a voice actor capable of infusing words with all shades of meaning. Words can mean a lot of things if you give it the right voice. With an emotional voice, you can explore the depth of human emotions and use them to your advantage.

When can you use an Emotional voice Voice-over?

An emotional voice is instrumental when a business wants to attract a specific audience. Use it for promos, podcast characters, voice-over demos, highlight reels, storytelling demos, and more. If it’s to tug at a person’s feelings, it’s the voice style you need. It’s an excellent branding technique, using emotions to cause a reaction from viewers and listeners. Young and old, men or women, the right voice elicits a powerful response from them. Your only task is to find the right emotion to prick and the best voice-over talent to use.

What makes the perfect Emotional voice?

One’s voice can be laced with happiness, sadness, sarcasm, anger, jealousy. An emotional voice is often calm or harsh, sometimes explosive, but compelling nonetheless. It can be high-pitched, loud, or screaming. But no matter how it sounds, a skilled voice actor can perform a genuinely emotional delivery.